Poetry is Hard

Writing poetry used to be easy for me.  I still have all my journals and Poetry.com submissions.  I even have an unpublished book somewhere.  I’ve received several “awards” and have one of my poems in the Millenium Anthology from the International Poetry Association.

But I stopped writing poems.

I write thought-processed essays and blog-like entries now.  Boring, I know.  I wish I had that spark in me to write like this:

A hill in the vicinity calls 
with dignity of an eloquent song 
Music is heard from over yonder 
as old men bicker about 
I follow unaware of all danger, 
the sound of music from a hill 
The pure and rich sounds slowly go– 
creating the most tranquil air 
A valley between two hills cry 
for calmness and peace to be here 
I carry with care, all I know– 
all the music from a hill 
Thanks to the music on a hill, 
they made peace be true once again

again.  Oh well.


1 thought on “Poetry is Hard

  1. This poem is wonderful…. I haven’t read it in a while….creative inspiration comes with association. Right now your a great dad, which is more important… you will get it back!

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