Day One Entry: A Wake Up Call

A wake up call.
So I apparently said some sexist and anti-wife sentiments to a friend of mine that upset her husband. I do not remember being an idiot, nor do I recall ever being such an idiot to demoralize women, wife or no.
I received a fairly open communication from my friend who wants her husband and I to hit it off as buddies. She states the aforementioned to me kindly and just asked that I just watch what I say in the future. I respond amicably and with genuine apology. I even asked that if her husband would like to clarify said insurrections so that I may not utter them again, I’d welcome it.
Now here’s the thing: I can honestly say that I do not know what I would’ve said that could’ve been misconstrued as sexist or misogynistic. I wracked my brain all day on this. I just can’t remember. I pride myself in being a loving and respectful husband and man. I’d like to think I learned a few things from my parents about the treatment of women. It hurts to know that I’ve caused such upset.
This incident has awakened me to the very simple fact that we all have our own limits on what we define something. My line might be drawn a bit higher than my friend’s husband’s. all I know is that I must tread with a lighter gait. If only to soak up more sincere conversation not saturated with sarcasm and ill wit.

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