Adulthood Gaming

Finding time is difficult.
Between fatherhood, spousal duties, daily house work, and personal health upkeep, I find it hard to get in a solid hour or two for gaming. I have spurts of time that I can hop on my phone and play bejeweled or scrabble, but anything longer than a few moments, forget it. I am able to play the games I enjoy, but for only a few minutes – not nearly long enough to get into it. The games I like tend to be story heavy and epic in length or involve elements of objective achievements that call to my completion-ist side of gaming.
With my particular style of gaming, I like to immerse myself fully and without distraction. This is virtually impossible for me these days. I learned the hard way that others have to come before your gaming. Whilst I do put my games on the back burner, I feel like when I do have time to fire them up, I can only just get the heat going. Tepid gameplay is hard to stick with.
I now get time at the end of the day, but as gaming takes focus and attention that has been used up during the day, I find I only have energy to veg. So the TV is it. I had tried forcing myself to pick a game and just play, but found that my mind wandered aimlessly. I would think, what about this game, or that game. I couldn’t just enjoy the one I had chose. So with this in mind, I forfeit the time altogether and opt for some Netflix instead.
I still play my games, but just not as intently as I had before. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s ok.

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