I Love Cooking

I love cooking.
In the past 7 years, the variety of my meals have waned to the point of staple-making: i.e. rice & beans, pasta, deli or pb&j sandwiches, and baby carrots. There are other dishes that I make frequently, but this list covers the majority of my day-to-day cooking. I have tried incorporating my style into these meals, but my kids spot the difference right off. Without getting onto a parenting topic, lets just say that they simply don’t like my embellishments.
Lately though, for no reason it seems, I’ve become more comfortable in preparing whole meals of my food rather than a single serving. Feels good to prepare a meal for the family. It brings such satisfaction to see my food being enjoyed as apposed to being snarfed. Eating a simple staple like rice and beans (with virtually no other ingredients) is all well and good, but rice and beans needs more.
I don’t follow recipes, but rather my nose. I’d it smells good, add it. This general rule has led me to prepare mostly single pot/dish meals. Stir fry, salads, pastas, rice dishes, et. al. I don’t mind a bowl as my primary dish ware. I don’t mind the American 3 course meal either, but thinking that is the only way to serve a meal is sorta ridiculous. My tendency for the all-in-one dish stems from the simple fact that if the ingredients on your plate taste good together, cook them together. Oh, I love having fresh broccoli on the side of a good pasta dish, but for the most part I mix my ingredients up.
Another recent development is my delving into the realm of baking and crock pot use. I find I can make a mean flatbread now. I am grateful for my recent surge of culinary creativity and invite you to create some good food yourself.

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