Day One Entry: Jul 28, 2013

A photograph’s photographer
spends their time behind the lens continually composing, framing, and capturing a mood. Whether it be of a jovial or melancholy nature matters not. What matters is getting that moment or scene to harmonize with an emotion.
I just returned from a photo shoot that in some ways reinvigorated the artistic side of myself. I was asked to provide a series of photographs for my singer-songwriter sisters. They both have a similar flair about them, but each brought their own style to the shoot. As an outdoor shoot, the natural lighting was key, and thusly was able to enhance profiles and bring out curves that would otherwise go unnoticed. I love getting the subtle nuances of someone on ‘film’. At one point I felt my creative eye spot things that I would have normally missed. I was on fire. The way one of them smiled or moved their eyes or the playful shadow dancing of light off on of them was acutely registered and captured. I did my best to get the mood set and eased onto the role of a portrait photographer with minimal resistance. I could be a great photographer. I think I am. It just took a renewed session with a couple beautiful people to get me there.
The weather was just about as good as you can get. Oh, and the lighting! My god was it perfect. Just before sunset. Golden. The venue was in and around Ithaca Falls and included a few prime locations such as down in front of the falls itself – always a good spot for portraits. Gets your hair tousled just right!
I finished the session feeling inspired. And that is a wonderful feeling indeed.

72° Showers Nearby
401–499 Madison St, Ithaca, New York, United States

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