Day One Entry: Jul 21, 2013

And to think I almost didn’t make it.
The Annual Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival of Music And Dance has been going on for 23 years – since 1991. I have had the lucky fortune to have attended every one save for 1 in 1994. And since I was at the mercy of my dad at the time, the family had gone to Cape Cod that year, so no real regrets there. But I digress.
This was the year that I was prepared to not to go. But I was kidding myself. I had to go. So, on the last day, I packed up some snacks for the boys and went.

Best flip decision ever.

There has always been a swirl of emotions and a flood of memories when you walk through the gate for the first time. This year, as I was holding both my boys, hands, I remembered my first year going by myself. That was a good year.
I led the boys around and down through the morning shuffle. Most of the festival-goers were still sleeping last night’s events off. Saturdays were notorious like that. We pass by the Dance Tent, which was filled with yogis. We eventually arrive at my favorite venue: the Grandstand Stage. It became custom after 7-8 years that the Grassroots Chamber Orchestra started off Sunday with some classical. It was a good show. Woke people up.
After about 5 hours, the boys were getting squirrelly, so I took them to another tradition – Not My Dad’s, an ice cream shop just across the road from the festival. Emily met us there and picked up the kids, leaving me to my own devices at the festival. I haven’t been on my own there in over 8 years. It was strange, yet invigorating to walk through the Trumansburg Fairgrounds solo.
I thoroughly enjoys my slow, meandering; music-induced, aimless wandering. I got to listen to some amazing musicians craft some amazing music with their instruments of muse-infused badass-itude. Pure ecstasy in creation it was. And even though I was only there for one day, it felt like I missed little. In the 23 years I’ve been going to this thing, I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself most during one of my I-Town friend’s set at the Cabaret Hall. Alan Rose and The Restless Elements. They rocked. Bar none one of the best sets I’ve seen in quite a long time.
As the evening wore on, the heat gave me a dehydration headache. Coupled with my age, I was fading fast- I had to get home. I said my farewells to the festival, knowing I’d be back next year without a doubt, and sauntered out the front gate happy and content.
It’s how all festivals should end.

77° Mostly Sunny
Trumansburg, New York, United States

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