Self Centered

Internal View of Myself

Feeling OK

Woke up this morning with a desire to listen to Bob Dylan’s Another Side of Bob Dylan.  Got the urge halfway through the album to post the above picture of myself.  I do this not in vain selfishness, but rather a self-centered sense of feeling good about who I am.  I do not recall exactly why Bob Dylan instilled the thought that a photo of my mug would boost my ego in a positive way.

I usually tend to avoid such imagery, since most come across as vain and self-absorbed.  But for some reason (along with a heathy dose of positive input via my adoring wife), I like this mug shot.

I am genuinely happy and content in this picture.  No posing or “looking good for looking good’s sake”.  All natural me.  I think I look good.  I mean, I think I look good most days, but in this I look quite self-assured in my life.  And that is awesome.


Self-Esteem is something I never quite had a problem with.  I did have the occasional run-in with Self-Doubt and his cousin “What If”, but for the most part they left me to my own devices.  I found that my choices in life usually brought me right back to the middle ground.  Not to say that looking upon the lifestyles of my friends who were on the extremes weren’t enticing or jealousy-inducing.  They were.  But in the grand scheme of things, they weren’t as rooted in my life as a good helping of “I feel good where I am now.”  I’d like to think I’ve developed a good sense of Who I am and where I belong in the grand play of plays.


I wish everyone the same balance.  May you find and hold onto your personal Center and not let go of it.


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