Late Night Post

[Re-posted from my Facebook account]

(and a poem)

Close your eyes and open your mind, for the light of your spirit shines ever so bright. let it glow and let go of your burdens for there is no such thing as a free ride.

For those that believe – May God bring you joy – but do not forget that YOU are the chooser of the choices – and no one – NO ONE but you may choose for you.
For those that believe – May your spirit soar high and free among the winds of time, for that is all that matters in the grand scheme of the wheel.

May the new year bring hope, joy, and happiness to you and yours.

I silently talk with my late friend – ask him for guidance and help.

He does not answer.

I do not blame him.

He is no longer with us.

I smile and remember the advice he dished out years ago.

Still relevant.

May we all someday find such wisdom in each and everyone we meet.

Everyone has a story

Everyone has a truth to share

Listen closely and you shall see

the open landscape of your own thoughts.

Sit back and soak in the advice of strangers

for it is the ones we do not know that will give us the profound insight

Go to sleep this evening a well rested being

knowing that you listened well and took what you could

to get you through tomorrow

Good night all.

Good night all.

A good night indeed.


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