Look Ma, All The Letters!

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

I have in my possession 26 letters of wordy goodness.  I can arrange them in many ways:

  • However I want-

Jopwqg silf ghyuliop, yhwimgio!

  • So others may read them-

Why hello there, beautiful!

  • In accordance with modern American English:


But I digress.  

What my thoughts are trying to convey is this:  If you got words to put down, use the letters you have to make it happen!  In my old poetry, I used a fairly limited vocabulary.  Not because I didn’t know other words, but rather because the words I used frequently were the most comfortable and flew off the pen easier for me.  I may not have been the most eloquent writer (and I maintain that view today), but I did get what I wanted out of what was given to me.


-Thanks to my 10th grade English teacher, who always gave me a √+++ on my “idea/vision” for every paper I handed in. (She did, however give me less than amazing scores for my mechanical writing skills!)


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