An Unfiltered Look

These are the things currently occupying my desk:

My custom mousepad, bluetooth mouse, Macbook Pro, and its power adapter.

My home made wallet, Timex watch, cell phone, and teat tree oil bottle.

My medication, green headphones, iPod touch, camera lens cover, and an SD card.

Last night’s gin & tonic, old iPod earbuds, package of generic ballpoint pens, and a scrunched up paper towel.

A USB dock connector, $1 in quarters, extra earbud fittings, a click top pen, and a mug.

2 small bowls, a Super Mario coin cube, my son’s paper craft, and a 300 CD carrying case.

U2: Go Home DVD, Macbook Pro: Portable Genius – 3rd Edition, and Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses – 10th Edition.

Old back-up dvd case, webcam, and a plethora of old mail in a metal separator.

A picture of my oldest son, a picture of my sons, wife, and myself, and nail clippers.

A snapshot in the daily life of my desk.


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