The Writer And His Keyboard


The Keyboard: Pencil and Paper of the 21st century.  My namesake developed a layout that improved efficiency but wasn’t used because people became too fast, clogging up typewriters left and right.  Enter the QWERTY layout: slows typing ability by a large margin, enabling the machines to keep up with their typists.  Silly humans.

The Computer: The typewriter of the 21st century.  My first one had a full keyboard with a number pad and a full row of F# keys.  That keyboard design has not changed.  Yes, a few minor tweaks and ergonomic choices were made along the way, but overall the modern keyboard still remains within the confines of a QWERTY layout.

The Writer: A person with an inclination to write their thoughts down onto paper or the digital equivalent.


More on this later, as this writer must go earn some money.


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