Login, Lose Yourself

I grew up without a television.  I grew up without a computer.  No cell phone either.  The Internet was still science fiction.  The local coin-op provided me with weekly insight into what commercials were.  I listened to the radio, occasionally recording a good song to an SLP tape.  I would borrow my mom’s SLR and take 3 pictures.

I saw a 1st grader at my son’s school with a cell phone.  My 16 month old can navigate his mommy’s iDevice.  My kindergartener can turn on the TV, navigate to Netflix, and find his Thomas – And using both remotes too.  He can also operate my D-SLR quite nicely

Currently I live with 2 cell phones, 4 iDevices, 1 e-reader, 2 laptops, 1 streaming device, and 1 Digital SLR Camera.

I am a man of 32 summers.  It took 27 of those to become married. Only 26 to become a father.  But what people ask me these days are more along the lines of, “So when did you get your first computer”.  24 summers of my life went by before I bought one.  It took 1 full year for me to “log on” to the vastness that is the Internet.  God help me.

Tethered to the void.  My phone, computer, even my TV is hooked in.  The ever-evolving, never-letting-go Internet.

So I must login, and lose myself before something real happens, (you know, Life.)


That must never happen.  Ever.


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