Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day/longest night of the year.  I would like to give credit to the ‘natural order of things’ for this pretty cool event.  What I mean is that we humans have been relying on the Sun for a time keeper for, well, as long as we’ve existed. The Sun has always been there, reminding us of the ‘natural order of things’.

It is quite comforting if I say so myself, to have an (almost) eternal source of light – Guiding us wherever we need to go when risen, and setting to tell us to seek shelter.  The Sun has given us a point of reference, a beacon if you will, to help map our surroundings.  I could go on for quite some time, but I won’t.


Something is telling me to go forth and get busy on the day.

A Minecraft Sunrise.  Enjoy.

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