Re-Discovering New (Old) Music You Thought You Didn’t Have

About 18 years ago I started to collect albums.  It took about a decade, but most of my music I’ve ever bought was during my teen and early twenties.

Now, essentially 10 years after my collecting heyday, I rely on my memory to recall what I have in my physical stash.  I paw through my cd books from time to time, laughing at records I should be ashamed of owning – but usually pull it out and play it anyway.  Whenever I find a CD I forgot about, I usually upload it to my digital library, on my laptop.  I discovered iTunes roughly the same time I bought my 1st computer, so it was only natural for me to digitize my music then.  Now, about 6 or 7 iterations later, I have re-uploaded my music so many times I have lost track of what I actually (physically) own, or what is on my Macbook Pro (my current iteration).

An earlier post of mine discusses my current method of music-finding.  For the re-discovery, I usually find an album I had bought but never digitized.  This morning was different.

I found Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions hidden within my iTunes library.  It was a small miracle I even found it as most of the tracks were mis-labeled and out of order, let alone no cover art.  I knew I had acquired this either by a friend or via a fileshare, for I would never upload a record without proper ID3 tagging: Track No./Track Listing/Album/Artist/etc.  In any case, Innervisions has been on ‘album repeat’ for the last 2 hours.

God, I love finding shit I like!


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