Early Morning

Going to bed the same time as your kindergartener has it’s advantages.

5:30 in the morning isn’t a bad time to have the house to yourself – especially if the previous days were filled with non-stop chaos and general life frustrations.  I do believe that I will try and do this more often.  Upstairs, the kids and wife are soundly asleep, dreaming of who-knows-what.  Downstairs is quiet, save for the forced air heat beneath my cold toes.  Mmmmm.  A cup of Earl Grey to my right, half gone already; my laptop in front, its keyboard calling for the tips of fingers; iTunes playing music, Stevie Wonder seeing things no Air Force pilot could see.


Thoughts of breakfast break my concentration, but only momentarily.

Eggs, bacon, toast & jam: all good things.  Gotta make the coffee for my lover, my wife.  She likes it scalding hot with just a dollop each of creamer and milk.  My son loves pancakes, so I might just humor him and make a few.  The youngest of the bunch will just yell at you to share whatever you happen to be eating at the time.  Yup, breakfast time in this house can be fun.


Now I take you back to my regularly scheduled writing program:


Ah, yes, the early morning.  If I were a wiser man, I’d be doing this every day.  It feels wonderful to get your affairs in order before the rest of the timezone wakes up.  To arrange one’s thoughts and desires for the day before they get muddled up with the morning paper’s headlines; to gather personal resources together before they are stripped away by the rush to the paycheck dispensers; to do these things without interruption is sublime and comforting.

May your morning go as smooth as mine is now.


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