A CD Fair Adventure

Jon sat at the corner with Connie, his best friend, whom he has had quite the crush on for the past four years.  They were outside the community building, waiting for the Record & CD Fair to start.  Connie placed her head on Jon’s shoulder ans reached into her satchel.  After a curious look from Jon and a few moments of digging around, she pulled out her journal and flipped through it until she found a blank page.  Jon tried his best not to peer over and take a quick look.

Was she writing about me?  What is she saying?

He pretended to play with the hem of his jacket, feigning frustration that the fair hadn’t opened on time.  Connie gave a small smirk as she realized Jon was looking over her head.  She continued on writing, pretending she didn’t notice her voyeur.  Jon and Connie sat in silence for another half-hour before they noticed the OPEN sign out front.

Brightly lit and cold, the room the event was in gave the impression that it was storing old antiquities and not vinyl or compact discs.  Jon eagerly eyed the booths and its vendors, savoring every moment, for he knew he could only afford so much today.  Connie grabbed her camera and started snapping moments of time.

Will he like my photos?  Am I even attractive to him?

For the next hour, Jon and Connie meandered through the fair with a nonchalant aura about them, buying something only to let the other know what they liked.  Jon bought an original Nine Ince Nails vinyl, while Connie spent almost all her cash on the complete collection of Pink Floyd on CD.  Both of them touting that they each had the better deal of the day.

Connie took her last shot of the day;  It was dusk, Jon was crossing the street ahead of her, the light from the streetlights and the bar from across the way lit up his butt quite nicely, so she snapped a memory.  Jon liked to cross the road before Connie.  He felt brave and curious, making sure cars and trucks would be at a full stop for her.  He took a glance back and noticed that Connie was lagging with her camera – most likely taking snapshots of the lights.


Back at Connie’s house, Jon had put on his record while Connie told her parents that he wasn’t her boyfriend, but “just a friend.”  Jon swallowed it whole, a lump in his throat wedged tightly.  He pondered whether it was now worth it to tell Connie how he actually felt about her.

Connie came into her room after she argued with her parents about having boys over, a scowl angrily etched on her face.  She quickly changed it to a warm smile after Jon gave her a worried look.  She did not want him to get the wrong idea.  Connie like him.  A lot.

Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails filled the small room as the two lovebirds considered their choices.


3 thoughts on “A CD Fair Adventure

    • Constructive Feedback is always welcome, although most of my prose is just a string of words that flow freely from my thoughts and not planned or thought through.
      I plan on writing a short chapter-based ‘bloglet’ soon here, on my journal. That is something I could use some feedback on when I get around to it.

  1. OK, then…if you do another draft of this, you might see how it works if it’s told entirely from one character’s perspective. I’d probably choose Jon, although I think you could go either way. It might be interesting, for example, to get to know Connie by seeing her through Jon’s eyes.

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