Short Story

When you sit down to write a few words, you don’t think about what they might mean out of context.  For instance – if you write, Things that I need to get done:, followed by a haphazard list of grocery and household chores, you wouldn’t think about the order of the items/chores and words you scribble upon that coffee-stained sheet of notebook paper you stole from your son’s school workbook.  But somewhere, someone is stuck on an idea,  unable to continue with a derailed train of thought.  They are scouring their thoughts for any words or ideas that will fit their story.

Your to-do list just might have what they seek.

I noticed this phenomena when i saw one of my wife’s many lists, (this one was a shopping list for yarn, I believe) and came up with an ending to a poem I was trying to finish.  The list had some fancy-sounding colors and yarn names that struck with the theme of my prose, so I went with it, and allowed myself to use that seemingly inconspicuous list as a source of inspiration.

I recall this because I want to start a longer project.  Prose and poems are great and all, most of which I think were fairly good when I wrote them.  I guess I want more out of my writing.  Depth, character, and bilding a landscape with just my words, among others are what I want to push myself to discover within my creative writing.  I think I might need a lot of “lists” and other such inspiration points to help me through the process.

Now all I need is an idea to get started.

*looks for an old notepad*


2 thoughts on “Short Story

  1. It’s true, ideas are everywhere…but it’s not very helpful if your receptors are off. I find that you have to be in the right mindset to be inspired; otherwise, you could miss out on the inspiration for a great story just because you weren’t thinking about it. When I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t coming up with many ideas. Now that I’m writing more, the ideas are coming more easily as well.

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