Distractions Abound

The Wife.

The Kids.

The Internet.

The Television.


All of these are my regular diversions from my creative process.  Breaks from creation are crucial to one’s muse-inspired musings.  As no break from ‘making’ things will get one into trouble.  Usually with your own thought process.  Take a break and divert your attention to loved ones, chores and an occasional mind-numbing show or movie.

Let yourself become too distracted and you have a problem.  You will tend to dismiss the creative thoughts as wayward ideas, and not to be taken into account.  Let your creative side take too much of a rest and you will become stagnant with apathy and malaise.


What you need to do is balance the distractions and your creativity.  I tend to do a lot of both – getting caught up in the moment of an idea or thought process without regard to what is actually going on around me, or engaging myself in life without reprieve to let an idea out and explore it.

I need to work on balancing them more effectively.



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