Ideas, I Thank You

When I have ideas, they tend to swim around my head for quite awhile before coming up for air.  Reality bites them in the ass- hard.  Most of my ideas just don’t have the stomach for fruition.  But a small number of them relish the real world.  They soak up their surroundings as a new student would to an unknown subject.  They linger around and observe if they can cut it in this seemingly tough world.  Most of them sit down and take a break, for it does look daunting.  But within those few, a smattering decide to stick around a bit longer.  Whether it’s sheer determination or pure luck, The mighty ideas stay for the ride of their lives.  They blossom.  They create something amazing.

I thank them kindly for giving themselves to me and lending their talent to my cause.

My writing is always fuller when an idea sparks it.

My photography is always brighter when an idea lights up.

My music sounds better when an idea turns up the volume.


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