Ever since my 14th birthday, I have had more of creative drive.  I attribute it to my seizures.  I don’t really understand why, but am convinced that my condition has aided my creative development over the years.  Call it looking on the bright side of things.  Yeah.

Now, almost a full 18 years, a lovely wife and two wonderful boys later, life has altered my course, but maintains it’s hold on my muse – as if to remind me to never give up completely.  I need to be proactive in my creative and expressive endeavors.  Get “out” more – Be in the moment and remember to recall that later in a journal entry or remind myself to take my camera with me – everywhere, or even when time seems short, look out for those moments between the chaos and steal them for myself.  A short recess, if you will.

I plan on going through the rest of my years being creative.  The issue isn’t that I will lag and fall into a box, but rather what medium I shall focus on.

Do I wax on poetically and write infinite love songs to the void?

How about capturing the essence of a moment in time with my lens?

Or would I prefer to compose music and express myself that way?

-Who really know.  I don’t.  But that is fine.  I have a lot of time yet to become who I eventually will be.  I just need to stay out of my way.  Let life and creativity take it’s course, listening to the ‘Mustn’ts, the Don’ts, Shouldn’ts and Won’ts; The Never Haves got nothin’ on me; for Shell Silverstein was right.

Anything can happen, child,

ANYTHING can be.


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