Dreaming Reality

When I awoke, my dream had vanished.  Gone in the split second it took me to open my eyes.  Damn!  It was surreal, full of vivid colors.  That is all I remember.  The feeling I had those moments after I woke up were the most intense.  Feelings of pure sadness and regret flooded my psyche.  BUt, like the dream itself, those emotions subsided just as quickly as they surfaced.

In less than ten minutes, I had dressed, washed my face, had breakfast, and was feeding my youngest his.  I didn’t give my dream a second thought or moment.  My day was fairly regular;  Dropping off my eldest to school, seeing my wife off to work, then housework and general chores got done.

I was walking to a local coffeehouse and it hit me.  The emotions the unknown dream gave me.  They hit hard and fast, making me pick up my pace.  By the time I entered, ordered, and sat down in the place, they were gone.  Damn!

Now all I have is a sense they will come back soon.

I hope not.


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