Dreaming Reality – Take 2

Dreaming Reality
-November 6th, 2011-

After awhile, the feelings went away, but due to a lingering effect, I was uneasy. I had too much to drink. The caffeine gets to me. That’s why I stick to tea. Chai or Earl Grey are my preferences, though I’m known to partake in a bit of Red Rose every now and then. I decided then to go for a walk to clear my head. It really didn’t help. In fact, the cool, crisp Autumn air just made my head focus on those feelings and images more so. Oh well.
I continued to go about my business that day, not really dwelling much on the dream, but had a sense that something was “off” or not quite right. It was dinner when I knew what the source was for my uneasiness – The impending meditation for my late friend, Adam.

“Go forth and be well, my dear friend, for all we have are a precious few moments on Earth. May the days be bright and full of happiness as you traverse through your days ahead, unknowing of your future, your ultimate repose. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the moments you have, for the road you walk upon is tenuous at best and filled with uncertainty.”

I now sit and wait. A sense of closure? No. A sense that it was all for something. Seventeen years of friendship, boiled down to a few precious moments, then, without a timer in hand, death took my dear friend from me and my travels. The road will be a bit emptier and less full of character from now on. But time to move on.




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