Rocking Out To a Great Song

Ever turn on the radio and listen to a truly amazing song that just sends you into a whirl of happiness and fills your soul with pure bliss?  Nope, me neither.

I do not subscribe to the turn-crank style that is radio.  Radio leaves much to be desired about music in general.  It cuts a song out of context, segregates other songs for not being money-makers, and gets listeners to expect it, so placing the music-lovers in a state of “hey, it’s that song I told you about yesterday”, as they turn up the radio to share a song they heard two days ago.

I find great music on my own or with the help of my friends.  I peruse the local library/used cd store for anything that seems good, and with the help of friendly staff, try and get a listen out of it at a nice comfy chair with an over-the-ear turntable/tape/cd player handy.  I used to find all my music this way.

Then I had kids.

Most of my new music now comes from friend’s suggestions and/or cd collection.  I tried Pandora a while back and found that it was really good at playing music I might like alongside stuff I know i do.  The only weak point was the fact that, Like radio, Pandora still played tracks individually, and never (by legal reasons most likely) by an artist/band’s album.  I could live with that.  I would put on a custom station in the background while I made the family my famous breakfast pancakes, and enjoy the atmosphere I set myself up with.  Occasionally I’d stop what I was doing and note a good track here and there.  But for the most part, Pandora was a radio replacement for me.

Friends, on the other hand, would flat-out say, “Yo, check this out.  I found this awesome song on Youtube!”  Now I am no prude when I hear good music, but when it comes to musical recordings found on Youtube, most of them are real bad rips of studio tracks or cell phone captures of a live show.  Needless to say, another “far and few in between” venue for me.

Then there are the friends and colleagues that give me a copy of a band or artist I actually might like.  This is the best form of finding a great song that you’ve never heard.  I have had many occasions of “friendly exchanging” with my peers.

And I thank them kindly for introducing many great songs to rock out to.


The Art of Yawning

I wake up to my wife complaining of feeling queasy.  I take that as my cue to start the morning routine without her.  Normally it is her that takes charge of the morning duties; clothing and feeding our Kindergartener, and walking him to school.  But today it’s my turn.  I usually begin days like today on a better note than the ones I ‘sleep-in’ on.  So even though my first reaction to “Honey, I feel queasy, can you…” was along the mental lines of, “Oh, come on!”, I get up anyway.  Anything to make my wife’s long day smoother.


So here I am, back home from walking my son to school, when it occurs to me that I haven’t even had breakfast – decaf coffee doesn’t count.  Do I whip up some eggs and fry up some delicious sausage?  Heat up a bowl of warm oatmeal?  Nope.  I will most likely wait until lunch to eat.


My youngest has stirred, so therefore I hear both him and my wife traipsing around upstairs.  I guess that would be my cue to end this post for now.


Ideas, I Thank You

When I have ideas, they tend to swim around my head for quite awhile before coming up for air.  Reality bites them in the ass- hard.  Most of my ideas just don’t have the stomach for fruition.  But a small number of them relish the real world.  They soak up their surroundings as a new student would to an unknown subject.  They linger around and observe if they can cut it in this seemingly tough world.  Most of them sit down and take a break, for it does look daunting.  But within those few, a smattering decide to stick around a bit longer.  Whether it’s sheer determination or pure luck, The mighty ideas stay for the ride of their lives.  They blossom.  They create something amazing.

I thank them kindly for giving themselves to me and lending their talent to my cause.

My writing is always fuller when an idea sparks it.

My photography is always brighter when an idea lights up.

My music sounds better when an idea turns up the volume.

My Wife Told Me To

So I was minding my own business…well, no I wasn’t.  Specifically I was having a conversation with my adoring and caring wife about what I now realize is channeling your energies for creation rather than hibernation.  Even more specifically the subject was about writing a story with the memory of my late friend, Adam written into the fabric of the tale.  The idea struck a chord, and I have decided that I will do just that.  I will likely write it chapter-style with one chapter written each day until I think the story is finished.

We will see how this goes.

Thank you, Emily.  You are my inspiration.

I am listening.


Ever since my 14th birthday, I have had more of creative drive.  I attribute it to my seizures.  I don’t really understand why, but am convinced that my condition has aided my creative development over the years.  Call it looking on the bright side of things.  Yeah.

Now, almost a full 18 years, a lovely wife and two wonderful boys later, life has altered my course, but maintains it’s hold on my muse – as if to remind me to never give up completely.  I need to be proactive in my creative and expressive endeavors.  Get “out” more – Be in the moment and remember to recall that later in a journal entry or remind myself to take my camera with me – everywhere, or even when time seems short, look out for those moments between the chaos and steal them for myself.  A short recess, if you will.

I plan on going through the rest of my years being creative.  The issue isn’t that I will lag and fall into a box, but rather what medium I shall focus on.

Do I wax on poetically and write infinite love songs to the void?

How about capturing the essence of a moment in time with my lens?

Or would I prefer to compose music and express myself that way?

-Who really know.  I don’t.  But that is fine.  I have a lot of time yet to become who I eventually will be.  I just need to stay out of my way.  Let life and creativity take it’s course, listening to the ‘Mustn’ts, the Don’ts, Shouldn’ts and Won’ts; The Never Haves got nothin’ on me; for Shell Silverstein was right.

Anything can happen, child,

ANYTHING can be.

Creating Sounds with Ones & Zeroes

Tonight I found inspiration in the form of digital loops and colored pixels.

Garageband + Me + 3hrs = Two untitled tracks of industrial goodness.

I find I create more (or at least am inspired to create) during the latter hours of the day.  In general, I’m fine with it, but my two sons have other ideas about it.  So I just set aside my projects for a later date – indefinitely.  Oh well.  It’s what I get for being a responsible parent.

It was nice to complete the songs though.  Even if they are only a rough cocept rather than a full-on track.


Anyway.  Night to the world and may all be lifted by their own happiness.

5 am and Nothing but the Stillness

I’ve been up.

I’ve been up all night.

I’ve been up all night watching YouTube videos.

I’ve been up all night watching YouTube videos for no reason.

I’ve been up all night watching YouTube videos for no reason but to keep me awake.


I should be asleep.

I should’ve been asleep.

I was in bed at 11 pm.

My son woke up, so I left the bed.

It’s been six hours.

I think I’ll make my kindergartener his school lunch before he wakes up.

I’ll prepare my wife’s coffee too.

She’ll appreciate that.


It’s 5am and all I sense is stillness.

It’s nice.

I’m going to pay for this though.

Exhaustion will set in at around 2pm.

I’ll want to pass out at 5, but will have to wait.

My wife won’t get back from work until 11 pm.



It will be a long day.