Winter’s End

The sky seems a bit dimmer, and the wind only whispers. I gaze through his closed eyes and imagine myself lying on that bed and I don’t know what to think.
I’ve known my dear friend nearly 20 years now. And now he is passing away from us. He is comfortable and has woken a few times to say that he loves me and has had a great life with me.
Do I cry or show emotion? No. I take his hand and reply, “I remember all the fun times we had, man. Love you too.”
Drifting in and out of consciousness, my friend reminds me of the tenuous nature of life. And it’s will. All in the span of 32 years, he has defied the end of the line time and time again. This time its different. This time it’s for real
My friend is dying.


One thought on “Winter’s End

  1. so sorry jerry to hear of your precious friend…. Life truly is delicate. I am sure he knows how much you care for him. May God grace him with his peace during this trying time for him.

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