A Strange Day

A feeling of walking through honey comes to mind. Molasses is another slow moving liquid that fits the bill. But what I really feel like is something that can only be experienced to have the full effect.
I woke up today with my emotions on complete stop mode. I felt nothing. No happiness, no sadness, nothing. What I did feel though was a sense that I was being observed from on high somewhere. Like as if you were watching a game from high on the bleachers.
All day I have had a nagging feeling that I forgot something. Nothing physical, but my senses if you will. Sounds are duller, wetter. What I see around me is either fuzzy or seemingly far away. Physical contact is muted somehow. Like I can’t tell if something is smooth or rough.

Now after 4 stops and starts, I am finishing this entry just so I don’t have to come back to it again.

Good night all, and I sincerely hope we never lose track of our selves.


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