The Art of Being Childish

I have two sons.  They love to wonder about things.

“Daddy, is it cold because the sun isn’t warm today”, or “The rocks on the ground came from big rocks on a mountain”, or one of my favorites, “Can I be as tall as you when I get older?”

The Art of Wondering

"...whats that?..."

My youngest is still learning how to strut his stuff walk, let alone form intelligible phrases, so his wonderment is pure and unadulterated by the english language.  He wanders with me around town and seems to “know” where to go.  The pizza and toy stores are his favorite spots to lead me to while we are downtown.

His brother, a kindergartener now [wow!], usually tries his hardest to ask me something indirectly as to see if I will say yes before he really asks me.  Its rather cute sometimes, but after a whole day of it, it can be annoying.  But then again, he is 5.  I must not forget that.

My own thoughts do stray from task quite often, and I do amaze even myself that I can accomplish even the mundane everyday tasks with all the run-around my mind does!  Though it takes me just a moment to recollect myself and I’m off to the races, so to speak.  Now that I have kids and they ask me all these seemingly silly questions, I ask myself, “Am I getting to old for my own good?”

Am I losing my childish side?  I hope not.  I hope my children will continue being children for the sake of my sanity.  I do not think I could handle being a straight-edge adult for the rest of my life.  I need to become childish every so often!

nothing wrong witha childish dream

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