Writing to Music

Most of the time I write in my journal without anything playing in the background.  Be it music, television, or the radio.  Nothing.  Silence and screen.  But every once in awhile, I have the mindset to be influenced as I type.  Fluid writing.  I let my thoughts and words soak up the music.  The words that are scribed are inundated with another process.  A sort of blending of thought and music.

Today I am listening to the song that is linked below (I highly recommend you play it.) and composing this entry.  I know not what may come of the merger, but I find that the music I listen to while I type nudges me in ways that silence (or pure concentration) just can’t.  It is as if I soar along with pieces such as this, or on other occasions, I find that my writing digs deeper into the earth like an epic rock opera does to one’s soul.

And even rarer are the times when I compose a piece of literature on musical repeat; listening to a single song over and over.  The outcome of writings like this tend to be more fluid and dynamic than my other writing styles as I lend myself to the winds of musical journeys much easier.

Today is such time.

One Perfect Sunrise.  I have seen one, you know.  I was 21 and in Iowa at the time.  A fellow team member and I decided to try and catch the sunrise before she went on her morning run.  We did.  It was epic.  The awesome grandeur of sun creeping its way heavenward was a sight I will never forget.  The day wasn’t so special, and If I recall, my team member and I weren’t ‘looking’ for a spectacular sight, but wanted to see the sun rise.

This song is on its third repeat.  I need to go and continue my evening, so I bid you farewell and good night.


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