A Friend

Adam was his name.
He was funny.
Rude, crude, and lewd.
But we loved him for it.
Gave free advice on cooking.
Offered a fair price if the mood struck him.
My dear friend is not among us,
rather with us in spirit.
I shall miss him more than words can convey.
I shall remember his awkward smile.
His loud, smug smile too.
May the winds be gentle upon his wings,
for he needs to watch me,
from time to time.
To make sure I don’t gamble my money away.
In one place, anyway!

God Dammit!
He was awesome.

Enough said for now.
Peace be with you, Adam.
May the light shine brightly for you.


Earl Grey & Bon Iver & The National

With all the Occupy (Insert City Name Here) these days, I decided not to pay attention for just one day and relax.
Boiled myself up some water for tea, popped in some good tunes, and am now writing this really boring post.
And I’m Happy, nay, Content. I am content.
That is all.

Dinner on the Fly

So I called my friend today and asked if she wanted to help me eat up some food along with my two sons and niece.
Curried Butternut Squash Soup
Tofu Spinach Cheese Quiche
Honey Ginger Carrots
These are the things I whipped up this afternoon.
These are the things I shall share with family and friends.

I’m finding I really like cooking for people more and more.
Especially since my good friend passed away.
He was an astounding cook and a keen mind for recipes.

I love food, and wish to share with all that I consider close.
Come by my place good food and good company.

Till next time.

Winter’s End

The sky seems a bit dimmer, and the wind only whispers. I gaze through his closed eyes and imagine myself lying on that bed and I don’t know what to think.
I’ve known my dear friend nearly 20 years now. And now he is passing away from us. He is comfortable and has woken a few times to say that he loves me and has had a great life with me.
Do I cry or show emotion? No. I take his hand and reply, “I remember all the fun times we had, man. Love you too.”
Drifting in and out of consciousness, my friend reminds me of the tenuous nature of life. And it’s will. All in the span of 32 years, he has defied the end of the line time and time again. This time its different. This time it’s for real
My friend is dying.

A Strange Day

A feeling of walking through honey comes to mind. Molasses is another slow moving liquid that fits the bill. But what I really feel like is something that can only be experienced to have the full effect.
I woke up today with my emotions on complete stop mode. I felt nothing. No happiness, no sadness, nothing. What I did feel though was a sense that I was being observed from on high somewhere. Like as if you were watching a game from high on the bleachers.
All day I have had a nagging feeling that I forgot something. Nothing physical, but my senses if you will. Sounds are duller, wetter. What I see around me is either fuzzy or seemingly far away. Physical contact is muted somehow. Like I can’t tell if something is smooth or rough.

Now after 4 stops and starts, I am finishing this entry just so I don’t have to come back to it again.

Good night all, and I sincerely hope we never lose track of our selves.