Ideas and Actions

Tending to unknown sparks of inspiration have, in the past, always fueled my creativity. Mostly due to the inescapable fact that I had a ton of time on my hands. That is to say that I slacked off in my teenage years to “focus” on what I thought I wanted. And what did I want? I still have no clearer a picture on that. What I can say is that when inspiration did hit, it hit hard and fast, never letting me go until all that needed to be written was down on paper. Needless to say it wore on me. My time, my mind, my life became an extension of creation. Oh it was wonderful to be able to just sit and continue on a train of thought with no interruption – But THAT was just it. NO interruption, NO break, NO time to cool off. The tools I used to create became a sort of crutch. My pen never left my pocket as my notebook never left my backpack. The act of transferring that ink onto the paper became second nature, addictive even.
All I was writing was ideas. The scribbles upon which I wrote were no plan of attack for life, but rather an excuse not to live within it. It bothered me after awhile. No actions were taken due to my outlet of thought. In fact I am fairly certain the most I ever followed through with an idea was to read it aloud to a group of like-minded self-indulged creators of thought. I had to break out and DO something.
I did.
A story for another day, I am now married to a lovely woman and she bore our two amazing sons. Life has become full of action. Full of ideas that now need to wait their turn. I plan on letting loose some of those thoughts and following them to fruition, but all in due time.
And that is the state of things.


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