The Minecrafter In Me

Log on and tune out.

I play a game where you punch trees to survive zombie attacks.


The Space Above Me

Through the lens, I capture a moment of perfection.  The sky is a dark clear blue, the pond reflects in high-definition and the greenery lends itself quite nicely.  I look up from my camera to find that moment gone.  But not forgotten.
a beautiful viewSeasons pass and years turn to memories, but I have a tool that aids me in remembering.


I gaze up at the heavens above me and wonder what cosmic camera is watching my moments.  Thoughts drift ever upward as my life continues unabated.  I glance at them every once and awhile to recall a memory before they float up to the heavens for good.

The space above me hovers just beyond my mental grasp, teasing my mind with tendrils of fleeting images of the past.  The future is there too.  I just have to make it happen.

Today I …

Today I woke up at 6:50am.

Today I took my Kindergartener to school on time.

Today I visited my friend in Hospicare.

Today I strolled around with my one year old son.

Today I hung out with good family friends.

Today I watched my wife start a new knitting project.

Today I watched my kindergartener play on the playground.

Today I had a conversation with someone new.

Today I briefly fell asleep on the couch.

Today I filled the kitchen with food.

Today I felt sick.

Today I worked on my computer.

Today I played on my computer

Today I tucked my kindergartener into bed.

Today I kissed my wife.

Today I put my one year old back to sleep.

Today I finished a journal entry.

Today I …

Nerves and Ginger Tea

I stand next to the stove and watch the kettle.  A ginger tea bag is resting comfortably on its side in my mug.  The blue flames under the pot flicker and dance along the edge as if messing with me, taunting me somehow.  I pause to consider the heat.  It feels nice, inviting even.

5 minutes later …

The steam sprays out as a low whistle begins, reminding me why I was standing here.  I take the kettle off the stove, turn off the faerie fire and pour the water into my mug.  Specks of hot water land on my wrist as I miss the edge of the cup and drench the ginger tea bag completely.  I take the cup by the handle as the sides need time to cool.

10 minutes later …

I grab the mug in two hands, embracing the almost-too-hot smoothness.  The lip of the mug kisses my lips and I take the first swallow.  God, I needed this.  I feel the tea all the way down and let it settle into my stomach before going in for another large swallow, this time letting no time go by.  I need this.  Bad.

20 minutes later …

The teabag sits hanging over the mug’s side.  Signs of pressing and squeezing on the bag.  I waste not the tea I drink.

I Love Tea!!!!

Now I must bed down and rest my weary soul for the next day shall be full of life.

And I do not want to miss it.





Ideas and Actions

Tending to unknown sparks of inspiration have, in the past, always fueled my creativity. Mostly due to the inescapable fact that I had a ton of time on my hands. That is to say that I slacked off in my teenage years to “focus” on what I thought I wanted. And what did I want? I still have no clearer a picture on that. What I can say is that when inspiration did hit, it hit hard and fast, never letting me go until all that needed to be written was down on paper. Needless to say it wore on me. My time, my mind, my life became an extension of creation. Oh it was wonderful to be able to just sit and continue on a train of thought with no interruption – But THAT was just it. NO interruption, NO break, NO time to cool off. The tools I used to create became a sort of crutch. My pen never left my pocket as my notebook never left my backpack. The act of transferring that ink onto the paper became second nature, addictive even.
All I was writing was ideas. The scribbles upon which I wrote were no plan of attack for life, but rather an excuse not to live within it. It bothered me after awhile. No actions were taken due to my outlet of thought. In fact I am fairly certain the most I ever followed through with an idea was to read it aloud to a group of like-minded self-indulged creators of thought. I had to break out and DO something.
I did.
A story for another day, I am now married to a lovely woman and she bore our two amazing sons. Life has become full of action. Full of ideas that now need to wait their turn. I plan on letting loose some of those thoughts and following them to fruition, but all in due time.
And that is the state of things.

The Slate Is Clean

All previous incarnation of my accounts and blogs of note are no longer.

A Fresh Start

Look ma, I started over!

Ah. Breathing becomes a bit easier as do the thoughts-to-paper. It is a nice feeling to start over. A clear sky before you on a cool windy seaside day. Miles and miles of ideas spread out before you and begin to take shape…
This is why I wanted to begin anew.

To breathe.